5 Common Mistakes When Buying Your First Guitar


I have seen many people who tend to get the wrong type of guitar without knowing the right features and specifications to go with so that they will not be able to attain the proper playing tone or sound.

Today in our blog, let’s check for some of the top mistakes most of the make when getting their first guitar.

5 Common Mistakes everyone makes while playing

People get inspired to get their favorite brands of guitar but sometimes the wrong pick let them waste their time and money, so here are some of the mistakes they make while grabbing a  guitar for them.

Acoustic, Electric or Classical | Which sound you need?

There are three different sound choice you can go with namely.

  • Steel string acoustic
  • Electric
  • Nylon String Classical

Most of the people think that the best choice for the sound is Acoustic guitar, but according to me, you need to choose them based on the music style you are listening with. If you love to hear the Green day, foo fighters or the AC/DC then you need an Electric Guitar for enjoying the right sound and tone. An acoustic guitar will work if you like to hear Taylor Swift, ben harper or jack johnson songs.

Classic music, traditional music, and flamenco music would be the perfect one with Nylon string guitars. This will also be the better option if you child is under 12 years as it would be simple for them to press the strings.

A good music would help you to decide what type of guitar would be the best option for you.

Not choosing the right size of guitar

Most of the people fail in choosing the desired size they need; an electric guitar is smaller when compared to the nylon string classical guitars and steel string acoustic guitars. These are used by most of the people, but you need to consider their weight too. An Electric guitar will weigh about six kgs, and therefore it would be difficult for the small children to handle it.

Make sure your children are at least 13 years if they are going to use an electric guitar, every child differs so that you can decide it by the way they hold their guitar. The size can be determined by the age and height of the player, here are some of the details you can try out for various guitar types.

Electric Guitar

  • These guitars are tiny when compared to the classical or acoustics
  • Perfect pick for metal, rock, country music and pop
  • They contain steel strings which can be hard to hold on young fingers.
  • Based on the models the size differs.

Acoustic Guitar

  • Perfect option for pop, slow rock music, folk, and country.
  • These type of guitar also consist of steel strings which are hard to be pressed for small children.
  • They sound loud, bright and therefore best option for strumming chords.
  • They look heavy but light in weight.

Nylon string classical guitar

  • Best for Spanish music, flamenco and classical.
  • The guitars of this types of available from smaller sizes namely ¼ size.
  • Best for younger children as they are gentle to be pressed.
  • Sounds soft and mellow and therefore not loud as acoustic.

Buying a guitar with strings that are hard to play

The string section is considered to be the best thing to consider, the measurement of the fret top; string bottom gap determines the right selection. If you are a beginner, then you can check out the 2 to 2.33 mm of electric guitars, 3 to 3.6 mm of nylon string guitars and 2 to 2.7 mm of acoustic guitars.

Choosing the one with lousy machine heads

Made of pressed metal and gears are used for making the machine heads, these are considered to be the vintage style tuners, and they look retro and fresh, but hard to tune and keep them in the right tuning option.

You can go with the die-cast machine head as they are made of accurate and smoother machine heads when compared to the covered machine head.

Mistake in choosing the right brand

Most of them get their preferred guitar not checking and knowing about the brand or manufacturer, most of the brand name guitars are forced to develop guitar with cheap materials. Though the cost may be high, investing them in a suitable type of guitar is always preferable.

Bottom Line

Hope you will not make the above mistakes when purchasing your first guitar from now.

Any queries, ideas, and thoughts on the guitars are welcome.

What type of guitar do you use? Share us your experience through the comment section below.